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Here are some examples of recent TV work as a broadcast cameraman. I have shot with all of the recent broadcast HD formats and large sensor cameras. I’ve recently used the Sony NEX-FS700, Canon C300 and Red Scarlet all with a variety of primes, shooting some lovely super slow mo images. I own an FS7 & XDCAM rig as well as a Canon 7d and can hire in any format necessary.

Currently I have a US I Visa which is valid until 2023.

Looking forward to collaborating with a number of fellow film makers to use the amazing new MOVI rigs… Check out

A half hour BBC arts documentary with book lover and Radio 1 presenter Gemma Cairney who is joined by three authors to explore Bristol, the city that inspired their writing. Books include Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Melvin Burgess’ Junk, Where’s My Money by Mike Manson and A Respectable Trade by Philippa Gregory – well-known works of fiction based on the city’s sea-faring, slave-trading and contraband past.

The First Days of Peace a half hour BBC4 documentary presented by Bonni Greer.

A BBC Countryfile I shot in South Wales

A film from BBC Inside Out West on the trail of a rogue landlord.

This is a little time lapse showing John Craven learning how to make a Morph with one of the Aardman head animator. All part of a series celebrating 80 years of the BBC in Bristol.

Here is the film originally broadcast as a BBC Inside Out special.

BBC documentary about Bristol being the green Capital while suffering city wide air pollution. Charlotte Callan goes to Copenhagen to investigate (cut down)

I recently shot this half hour with Producer Alistair McKee. It’s scheduled for a BBC Four transmission this summer and features Saul David as presenter. All PMW 500 with a mini jib, GoPro and lovely aerials from Helipov, I even did the sound myself. It’s a nasty cut down that I’ve posted here, sorry the full half hour would have taken ages to upload into the ether…

Got me a little gizmo to rotate a GoPro to do a 360 degree time lapse… This is the BBC rooftop garden having a make over.

I went out to Mondovi, Italy in January to shoot a 9 minute magazine feature about Europe’s first disabled solo balloon pilot. It was predictably slow waiting for a weather window, but when we got up for the aerial filming conditions were perfect for shooting and ballooning. I came back to the UK to edit the film, transmitted in Feb 2014.